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Sap date time to timestamp

Sap date time to timestamp

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In the extra hour that is caused by switching from summer time to winter time, tim and dat are interpreted as a time in summer time and dst is set to the value "X". If the rule set for the specified time zone is incomplete, a non-handleable exception is raised. System Fields Meaning 0 Local time of specified time zone was converted to time stamp and assigned to the target field 4 The specified time was converted to a time stamp without time shift and assigned to the target sap date time to timestamp.

Notes Current user-specific local times and the corresponding local time zones are stored in the system fields sy-datlosy-timloand sy-zonlo. When the switch is made from winter to daylight saving time, an hour is lost.

For example, in the "CET" time zone in the yearon March 29, the hour between and does not exist. If an attempt is made to convert a time during this missing hour, the statement is always terminated with the value 12 for sy-subrc because this time or this local time stamp does not exist. Usually, an invalid time stamp can be created from a valid date and time only by combining the first valid date with time zones east of UTC or the last valid date with time zones west of UTC.

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SAP ABAP Date and Time, Learn SAP ABAP in simple and easy steps with examples In this case, the date and time needs to be converted as a timestamp​. 50, ABAP CDS already offered a bunch of date functions and time functions that allow you to deal with dates, times and timestamps on database level. If you find​.

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