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Rca tube date codes

Rca tube date codes

There were two types of code formats that used the same tube type codes, which were in use from until these companies stopped the manufacture of standard receiving tubes. The code format changed about or There are some rca tubes date codes to this rule, and in certain manufacturing plants not all of the code protocol was followed exactly, with every batch of tubes. Prior toMullard used a purely numerical code for encoding the tube type, but then adopted the code change as listed here after that.

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Thanks to local hero @theprofessor, I rediscovered the article by Ludwell Sibley about RCA date codes. A couple of years ago, I cleaned up. What I have are four tubes with the M-R code which is generally accepted as old date code "cheat sheets" that would allow dating of RCA tubes from that era? 9 million private, midsized companies & large enterprises This is why you see even major brands like Sylvania with RCA date codes. WWI.

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