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Online dating security advice

Online dating security advice

Fact-check. Don't be afraid to Google someone you've just met. Don't be afraid to offend or make uncomfortable. If you're single and reading this, chances are you've probably dabbled in some online dating. It isn't anything to be ashamed of, tech has fast. The online dating world can be a scary place if you're not careful. Check out these online dating security tips to help keep you safe on dating.

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That said, since the Pew Research Center reports that 15 percent of American adults use online dating sites — and most of those adults are millennials like me— I felt like it was worth my time to learn all that I could about staying safe while dating online.

I spoke with online dating expert Laurie Davis to find out more. So if you want some expert advice on how to stay safe while dating onlineread on. Google Yourself It may sound ridiculous, but according to eFlirt dating coach Laurie Davis, you need to Google yourself so you can "Know what is out there about online dating security advice. So, unsurprisingly, when I asked Davis if it's best not to list your full name on your online dating profile, here's what she said: "while you want to be completely authentic in your online dating security advice, you want to be careful about any overly personal details you reveal that may make you Googleable.

That said, when it comes to your online dating profileDavis suggests keeping things as vague as possible. That's a huge security breech — imagine if someone were to show up unannounced at your office!

Instead of cooking from scratch at home, just stop by Chili's or Red Lobster for a security advice meal. If you've begun to notice signs you're dating a foodie, it's time to accept that quick, easy securities advice are no longer an option for you.

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